Payoff Devices

Many devices to choose from to get your job done right.


brushdereeler   Brush Dereelers
Our brush dereeler assures smooth, steady payoff of your wire. This cap-brush assembly provides positive tension control and eliminates difficulties from loose, dropped or knotted wires from full to empty reels without wire breaks or shut downs.
stand2   Stands
Position your heavier spool at any stitcher installation, effortlessly, with our spool stand.
spoolcart   Carts
Use our spool cart to transport and position heavier spools with ease.
lever   Lifting Levers
For heavy spools, our lifting lever attaches to the center of the spool to provide a stable place for lifting.
decoiler2   Decoiler
A Revolution in Payoff and Tension Control. We have developed a new dereeler which will revolutionize the payoff of any spool. Our dereeler has a special spring which works up and down the roll keeping the wire tangle-free. Call today for more information.