NEWS FLASH: Taconic Wire is now the ONLY Family Owned and Operated Manufacturer of Stitching Wire in the United States. We can provide all of your wire needs including Round Wire, Flat Wire, Bale Wire, Spiral Binding Wire and More!. Keep America Working, Buy American. We Use All Domestic Sources. Help Us "Bale" You Out. Try Taconic Wire's Stimulus Plan. Call Today for Details. We Believe in Keeping America Bound Together with our Wire. We're the Company that Understands and Cares.

Taconic Wire Products

Largest Bale Wire Source

• Round Stitching Wire
• Flat Stiching Wire
• Box Wire
• Specialty Wire
• Wire Finishes and Hardness
• Stiching Wire Specs
• Spools
• Payoff Devices
• Book Binding Wire
• Tin Wire



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Round Stitching Wire

Round Stitching Wire. Wire is available in many gauges. We are stitching wire...


Spiral Binding Wire

Spiral Binding Wire. It is available in many gauges. Select your size today.


Box Stay Wire

Box Stay Wire. It is used for stitching cartons and boxes.

About Us

Our wire is manufactured right here in the United States.
For over 40 years, we have specialized in manufacturing high quality stitching wire for the printing and bindery trades. Family-owned and operated, we are backed by many years of bindery operations

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Recycle Today

Recycle Empty Spools. Call For A FREE Pick Up Today. 800-253-1450

Our Services

Taconic Wire offers many services that can benefit you in your daily operations.

We also have a variety of Payoff Devices.

We offer our clients Spools and Packaging.

As an added bonus we can pick up your empty spools for recycling, call us today to schedule your FREE pick up.



Payoff Devices

Many devices to choose from to get your job done right.


Spools and Packaging

Check out our spools and great packaging.


Staple Trouble Shooting

Review our helpful Staple Trouble Shooting Guide.