Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to oil the wire?

Yes, oiling the wire will prolong the life of your stitcher heads. It will also help the performance of your stitcher heads. Using a 10 W30 oil on the felt pads on the head and applying oil on the wire itself will help the performance. By oiling properly you will avoid getting oil on the product you are stiching.


How much wire will I need to staple my books?

A staple for a book is usually one inch. Two staples are usually used in each book. (You will need to know the number of staples per book and the number of books for the job being quoted.)

(2 inches per book) x (amount of books) = total inches of wire
(total inches of wire) / (inches per spool) = amount of spools
(total inches of wire) / (inches per pound) = amount of pounds

Gauge Size Inches per lb Feet per lb Recommended Thickness of Work
18 047 1992 166 5/8 to 2"
19 041 2676 223  
20 035 3708 309 1/2 to 1"
21 032 4476 373 5/16 to 5/8"
22 028 5495 458  
23 026 6756 563 1/8 to 3/8"
24 023 8496 708 1/16 to 1/4"
25 020 10800 900 1/16 to 7/32"
26 018 13728 1144 up to 3/16"
27 017 15036 1253 up to 1/16"
28 016 17148 1429 2 to 16 sheets
18x20 047x035 2544 212 5/8 to 2"
19x21.5 041x030 3396 283 1/2 to 1"
20x24 035x023 4896 408 up to 13/16"
20x25 035x020 5448 454 1/8 to 5/8"
21x25 032x021 6708 559 1/16 to 1/2"

If my stitcher head is dropping a stitch does that mean that there is something wrong with the wire?

No, in most cases this is a simple adjustment on the head itself. Adjust the wire curl for a consistent feed of the wire to eliminate the problem.


Why might there be flakes around my stitcher head?

There may be several reasons why deposits are found around your stitcher head. First determine where the problem is happening. Just because there are flakes around the stitcher head does not mean that is where the problem is. Take a magnet and see if the magnet picks up these flakes. If the magnet picks up the flakes, then that means that the wire is being scraped and therefore the coating of the wire is being damaged. Trace back from the spool to the stitcher head and look for any areas where the wire may be rubbing or scraping and adjust the part. And oil, oil, oil…